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This Compliance Principles apply to all units that manufacture products to Marisport Calçado Lda at its contracted companies,
agents and suppliers, hereby referenced as Marisport Authorized Entities. Although Marisport acknowledges that there are
different legal and cultural settings where factories work all over the world, this Compliance Principles establish basic
requirements that all entities should comply for keeping business with Marisport. Marisport strongly encourages that the
subsidiaries, agents and suppliers comply with this Compliance Principles and to promote the best practices and the
continuous improvement in all its units. This Global Compliance Principles or it´s equivalent should be displayed in all
workplaces and translated to workers language.

Principle 1 – Legal and Ethical Company Practices: All Marisport Authorized Companies should fully comply with all applicable laws
of the countries where they are localized, including all laws, regulations and rules concerning wages, work hours, contracts, labour,
health and safety, environment, immigration and clothing sector. Employers should conduct their business with ethical behaviour.

Principle 2 – Child Labour: Are excluded from work contract minors under 16 years of age that have not finished mandatory education
and that are not attending school or are under any form of professional learning program that offers a degree of equivalence with
mandatory school degree.

Principle 3 – Forced Labour: Marisport Authorized Entities will not use involuntary or forced labour.

Principle 4 – Wages and Benefits: Marisport acknowledges that remunerations packages vary from country to country. All Marisport
Authorized Entities must pay their workers justly, offering wages that comply at least with the minimal standards determined by law, or
the wage in place on the sector (which is greater), and assure benefits stipulated by law. Workers must be paid totally by hours according
to local law, and each worker must receive a clear demonstration, by writing, concerning each pay period.

Principle 5 – Working Hours: All Marisport Authorized Entities must assure that workers work hours not exceed, on a regular basis, the
least of the following
(a) Legal limitation on regular hours and extra hours in the jurisdiction where they operate, or
(b) 60 hours per week, including extra hours, (except in extraordinary company circumstances).
Workers must be informed, on hiring, if extra mandatory work hours are an employment condition. All workers must have at least on day
off every seven days.

Principle 6 – Freedom of association and Collective Bargaining: All Marisport Authorized Entities will obtain and comply with actual
information’s on local and national laws and regulations concerning freedom of association and collective bargaining. No worker will be
subject to harassment, intimidation or retaliation on his efforts to freely execute association or collective bargaining.

Principle 7 – Health and Safety: All Marisport Authorized Entities will offer their workers a clean, safe and healthy workplace, prepared
to prevent accidents and health hazards that result from labour. Marisport Authorized Entities must comply with all applicable laws
concerning health and safety on the workplace in the countries and communities where they operate.

Principle 8 – Discrimination: Although Marisport acknowledges and respects cultural differences, work including contract,
remuneration, benefits, carer progression and retirement must be based on performance and capability. Marisport Authorized Entities will
not discriminate based on race, age, colour, nationality, sex, religion, sexual orientation, political views or social or ethnic origin.

Principle 9 – Harassment: All Marisport Authorized Entities will deal with their workers with respect and dignity. Marisport Authorized
Entities will not submit their workers to physical punishment, sexual, physical, phycological or verbal harassment. Also, Marisport
Authorized Entities will not use monetary deduction as disciplinary practice.

Principle 10 – Gender Equality: All Marisport Authorized Entities will assure that workers will receive identical pay, including benefits;
identical work quality evaluation, identical opportunity to occupy all positions open to workers. Pregnancy tests will not constitute a work
condition, nor will be demanded from workers. Workers that are on maternity leave (with duration determined by local and national laws)
will not be fired or suffer firing threats, loss of service time or wage deduction and will resume their former position with same pay and
benefits as before. Workers will not be force or pressed to use contraceptive methods. Workers will not be subject to dangers, including
glues and solvents, that may put in risk their health, including their reproductive health. Entities will offer services and accommodations
appropriate to workers during pregnancy.

Principle 11 – Monitoring and Compliance: All Marisport Authorized Entities will maintain in place all documents necessary to
demonstrate compliance with this Global Compliance Principles. All Marisport Authorized Entities will allow that Marisport representatives
will have access to production facilities, workers records and to workers, to conduct confidential interviews. Furthermore, all Marisport
Authorized Entities will promptly reply to Marisport representatives regarding these matters.

Principle 12 – Workplace Information: Marisport Authorized Entities must inform their workers, verbally, on workplace rules and
through affixation of workplace rules in prominent place and should take appropriate efforts to regularly instruct workers on these rules.

Principle 13 – Environment: Marisport Authorized Entities must comply with all laws and regulations concerning environmental
protection in the countries where they operate. Facilities should have policies and procedures in place to assure that environmental
impacts are minimized with respect to energy, air emissions, water, waste, hazardous materials and other significative environmental
risks. Facilities should carry sustainable improvements in environmental performance and demand the same behaviour from their
suppliers and subcontracted companies.

Violations of this Global Compliance Principles will be dealt accordingly, at Entity expenses. Marisport
reserves the right to take appropriate measures to assure future compliance with this Global Compliance
Principles. Non-compliance with this Global Compliance Principles may result in end of relation between
Marisport and the Authorized Entity.

For questions regarding this code of conduct please contact us at [email protected].


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