About our Company.

A MARISPORT is a footwear manufacturer, based in Felgueiras, about 50 Km from Porto, in the north of Portugal.

On the beginning of its activity it produced mostly man sports footwear, for the Portuguese market.

Nowadays, MARISPORT is a specialized company in casual, safety and occupational footwear for man, woman and children, focused in the development of the customers proposed styles, doing all industrial process, since conception until the manufacture of the final product, quality control and shipping, obeying to all requirements demanded by its customers.

The process of internationalization of the company opened doors for export to more than 40 countries around the world, including: France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Germany, South Africa, Australia, Chile, Colombia, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States of America and Switzerland.
With about 150 employees and an average daily production of 1.500 pairs, the company has qualified personnel with high technical expertise in different areas and uses hightech equipment and State-of-the-art when it comes to technological innovation in this sector, with a view to ensuring its customers a high quality and reliability of the final products.

Please note that MARISPORT was one of the first Portuguese footwear manufacturers to produce safety footwear according to the European Directives that regulate Protection Equipment with the “CE” mark.

Safety: These products are intended for use in industrial environments. The articles in this class are certified according to the European standards that regulate the production of safety footwear. All these products are tested in dully-accredited laboratories and are certified by the competent authorities.

Casual: These products are submitted to a strict quality control, being constantly tested in specialized laboratories. The purpose is to test and continuously improve the materials and production methods aiming to improve the products quality and durability.

According to the values and mission of the company to continuously improve its products, reach new customers and new markets, MARISPORT created recently a new brand in the fashion footwear market – LIEUTENANT.


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