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Message from Senior Management

Our known ambition to growth is not an end in itself. We want to grow to improve the life of our customers, of our staff and the society where we live. Growth is essential to create more jobs, more wealth, more investment, and reach more customers in more geographical locations. Yet, we will only fulfill our mission if this growth is sustainable and if our behavior reflects our values.
Our behavior is the sum of each individual action, and this action will allow Marisport to reach it´s goal. Our honesty and integrity depend on right decisions each day, regardless of pressure.
Marisport is known to value action, proactivity, anticipating customer’s needs, with no disregard to those that before every decision choose to do an extra consideration for ethical or integrity reasons. Any doubt concerning proper conduct should be addressed to senior management.
Our principle is therefore that no reason should compromise our commitment with integrity, that being the anguish in achieving results, our competitive instinct, personal ambition or even a superior direct order.
 The truth is that there should not be a conflict between excellent performance and the respect for higher standards of society government.
We hope for a serious commitment with this Code of Ethics, trough the adoption of the principles exposed.
Marisport is a company that works based on trust. Trust in our customer´s, our partners and mainly on each other. We trust that each one of us will adopt and defend our values and principles in the societies where we live.



Purpose and field of application

Marisport code of ethics is a document that states a set of principles that govern Marisport activities and a set of ethical rules to be observed by our managers and all staff in their relations with customers and suppliers.
It´s also intended of contracted third parties that act on behalf of Marisport in situations where it can be accountable for their actions.
The Code was created with the main purpose of:
a) Sharing our principles and our rules of ethical behavior and promoting its adoption by our partners;
b) Promoting and encouraging acting procedures and behavior rules defined in this Code, mainly company values in our relations between each other and third parties;
c) Consolidating our corporate image that is characterized by Determination, Dynamics, Enthusiasm, Creativity and Opening.


Mission and Values


Create economic and social long-term value taking the benefits of progress and innovation to a growing number of people


Marisport values represent the principles by which the company sets it´s activity concerning all our partners.
We have the commitment to create economic value based on ethical and trust relations in a medium and long-term timeframe.

People at the center of our success

Constant challenges and availability for change are crutial for attracting ambitious people. Our staff are key factors for performance in all markets where we operate. Therefore, for enriching our culture, we invest in their skills and capacities development.


Ambition grows from continuously defining goals that test limits and stimulate organization vitality. It drives us and keep us constructively unsatisfied, preventing us for being stuck to past success.


Innovation is at the heart of our business. We know that innovation carries risks, but we are aware of the importance of predicting and accompanying innovation within reasonable standards, for achieving continuous and sustainable growth.

Social Accountability

We have a active sense of social responsibility and we try to contribute to our society. We set our conduct on environmental concerns and policies for sustainable growth.


Our goal is optimizing resources and maximize their return, keeping a frugal profile. We set our action focus on efficiency, healthy competition and achieving board range projects.


Stakeholders Relations


All Marisport staff, regardless of rank, should have their focus on actions to develop empathy and trust relations with Customers, based on value best proposal, to assure our customers satisfaction.
In contacting Customers its necessary that staff perform their tasks according to Marisport commitments:
- Deserving Customer confidence;
- Informing with transparency and truth;
- Acting in a proper way from a company designed for industrial production;
- Treating Customers with professionalism, respect and loyalty;
- Giving Customers products and services of Excellence;
- Giving Customers the necessary information’s for clear decisions and assuring rigorous commitment of agreed conditions;
- Respecting Customers information privacy according to applicable laws


Rules set out on this Code should be accepted, understood and practiced by all Staff on their activities regardless of rank, competences and specific responsibilities.

Marisport Behavior Rules

Personnel Development and Professional Growth

Marisport credits high value to professional and personnel development of our Staff, promoting their continuous training as a key factor for their performance and motivation. Selection, remuneration and professional growth policies are guided by criteria of merit and market reference practices.

Legal Guardian:

Marisport sets its principles and values according to national and international laws concerning Human and Social Rights. We do not admit discrimination based on sex, race, ethnicity, religious conviction, political affiliation, or other, being assured equal opportunities and integrity and dignity at the workplace.

Bribe or Corruption:

Marisport condemns any acts by which compensation or benefits are offer to influence behaviors with intent to obtain advantages for the actor or for the company

Health and Safety:

Marisport provides a healthy work environment, safe, secure and pleasant that promotes the well fare and productivity of all Staff


Marisport stimulates staff participation, promoting efficient means of communication and sharing.

Creation of Value:

Marisport conducts it´s business with a value creation vision, respecting sustainability, social accountability and corporative and environmental principles.

Staff Rules of Behavior

Training Dutty:

All staff commits with updating their knowledge and skills, attending the training opportunities put at their disposal by the company

Innovation and Initiative

To achieve collective objectives, it should be used a individual and proactive attitude, implementing innovative solutions that perform better than traditional solutions

Personal Relationship:

Relation between Staff and Management should be guided by mutual respect, loyalty, cooperation, honesty and communication clarity, aiming to achieve excellency on the collective result.

Integrity and loyalty:

To Staff and Management is prohibited the usage of their quality or hierarchical position, as well as Marisport image and name, for personal advantage, of their family or third parties. On performing their activities, internally, and externally, all Staff and Management should adopt a dignified behavior, with regard to company prestige and of its brands.

Marisport Staff should apply this rule with special care on their online relations, always referring to the company with respect, loyalty, common sense and in alignment with this Code.


Staff and Management should conduct their business in a professional and responsible fashion, protecting company assets through rational usage of resources.


Staff and Management are obliged to protect information confidentiality in executing their tasks, and can not use it to obtain personal advantages and benefits for them or for third parties.

Restricted Information and Information Abuse:

Staff and Management that have access to Restricted Information are not allowed to transmit it, use it or facilitate its usage by third parties with intent of gaining personal advantages.


Sustainability is addressed as being a shared responsibility of all Staff


Staff and Management should not be involved in activities that compete with those made by Marisport

Commercial Gifts

Marisport does not encourage the practice of gifts or receiving commercial offers. Staff and Management should not accept, for their own benefit, goods, services or any advantages with a individual value above 100 € (including Christmas Gifts) from Customers, Suppliers, Service Providers or any individual or collective that has, has been or will have commercial relations with Marisport.
Although, if the non-acceptance will not be viable, the member of Staff should deliver the gift to Senior Management for their consideration and decision.
All exceptions should be communicated to senior Management.
Offering of goods to any external entity is only allowed, if done in Company Name, and with Senior Management approval, and conducted according to industry common practices.
It´s forbidden the offering or acceptance, in any circumstance, regardless of value, of any goods subject to legal restrictions.

Patrimony Protection

Marisport patrimony is for professional exclusive use, being forbidden their usage for personal benefit or of others. Its up to all Marisport Staff to assure the protection and conservation of physical, financial and intellectual patrimony, and the resources should be used efficiently. Whenever possible and applicable, intellectual property should be assured by means of registration and patenting.
Staff should behave accordingly to safety rules, that prevent the occurrence of accidents.
Staff should care for company financial resources with great diligence, protecting from loss, theft or improper use.
Staff should not obtain advantages, for them or third parties, by the usage of know-how and information concerning Marisport business.



Marisport selects its service providers and suppliers based on clear and impartial criteria, being one of those the compliance with this code of ethics


Marisport acts with loyalty and good faith in its relations with business partners, establishing clear and objective communication, aiming to consolidate a trusting long-term relation.


Marisport adopts procedures guided by principles of economic rationality and efficiency. Its company practice is transparent and equative, and no form of abuse, bribery, corruption or money laundry is tolerated.

Public Authorities


Marisport has a cooperative attitude with public authorities and local community, based on rules of transparency and independence, with full availability and opening for the improvement of the legal frame of its business.


Marisport has a position of independence concerning public institutions and political parties, with no prejudice of its professional relations. It does not give financial support to political parties or organizations of political nature.

Respect and Obligations commitment:

Strict observance of national and international law is observed, and all legal and contractual obligations are fulfilled.
All required information mandatory by law will be submitted to public and supervision institutions, in a rigorous, adequate and timely fashion.


Marisport adopts an active social accountability policy and contributes for Community improvement, with strong environmental concern, social and economic well being and the development of human knowledge.
Constant dialogue with community entities is adopted and this is fundamental for long term success of company activities, as these channels allow to identify main improvement aspects.


Mutual Respect and Cordiality:

Marisport respects market legal rules and criteria, allowing loyal and healthy competition. Relations with competitors follow rules of cordiality and mutual respect.


Environmental Awareness:

Marisport adopts and stimulates the responsible use of natural resources and the preservation of natural environment, promoting an eco-efficient management that respects environmental impacts resulting of company activity.



This Code is published on Marisport website – and on the company intranet.
Any violation can be reported by email dedicated to these subjects and will be analyzed by senior management.

For questions regarding this code of conduct please contact us at [email protected].


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