Environmental Responsibility

Marisport is a company that is dedicated to the footwear production activity.

As part of its productive process there is the natural resources consumption, water and
energy that have among others environmental impacts like waste production,
atmospheric emissions and the rejection of liquid effluents.


Marisport is committed to start all efforts to protect the environment and guarantee
that its production activity is assumed on the basis of the principles of pollution


It is committed to comply with conformity compliance with environment, that is, legal
national and European laws, needs of interested players like customers demands, the
local civil administration, other entities and the local community.


Every year Marisport reviews its environmental management system defining its
objectives on the environmental sustainability area, always in the perspective of
continuous improvement of its system and its environmental performance.

                                                                                               Felgueiras, 2019-09-18

                                                                                                Administration Board
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